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Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
KvK Chamber of Commerce number: 24213078
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Company Information

Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
KvK Chamber of Commerce number: 24213078
VAT number: NL810899425B.01

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Sales & Service

How can I order from you?

You can contact one of our online and offline Staalmeester® dealers for your quality brush! All points of sale are listed on this page.

As a Staalmeester® dealer, you log in to HSV non-paint with your details. Here you can order the items you need. Are you not yet part of the Staalmeester® family, but are you interested in the dealership? Then check this page.

I cannot login. What now?

Are you a Staalmeester dealer and unable to log in? That’s not right! Did you forget your password? Then click on ‘Reset password’. If you have any other problems, please contact your account manager or email We will reconnect you right away.

How can I become a dealer?

We like to get to know our dealers well before we become partners. Introduce Yourself! On the Become a Dealer page you will find an application form and more information.

What is special about Staalmeester® brushes?

With a Staalmeester® brush, you can be sure of craftsmanship and premium professional quality. All our brushes are handmade with the utmost precision and attention. After each step in the production process, a check is done and we never make any concessions on quality. Ever. Together with professional painters worldwide, we create unique painting products for a streak-free end result on any surface. With proper use and maintenance, you can enjoy your quality brush for years to come.

Do I have a warranty on my Staalmeester® products?

No, we do not guarantee our products. With proper maintenance, our professional painting products last a very long time, but they are and remain consumer goods. It is impossible for us to control how a product is used or maintained. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantee. Want to know how you can enjoy sustainable quality for years to come? Check out our Masterful Tips. Do you suspect a possible production error? Please send an email to with a description of the defect, including images, and from which dealer you purchased this product. Then we will look for a suitable solution together.

An incorrect item has been delivered to me. What now?

How annoying! In this case, it is best to contact the point of sale where you placed an order directly.

I have a suggestion for improvement. Where can I report this?

Thank you for helping to improve our service and products, that is something we are also working on every day. If you have any questions or concerns about your product, first of all you can contact the dealer where you purchased the item. Not satisfied with how your suggestion or feedback for improvement was handled by the dealer? Please let us know via

The product I want to order is not available. What now?

On the Points of Sale page you will find all online and offline locations where you can buy our premium quality products. Hopefully you have more luck with another dealer!

Materials & Production

What type of bristles do you use for the brushes?

Staalmeester® uses both authentic Chinese hog bristles and unique synthetic fibres for the brushes. This varies for each collection. We are, however, phasing out animal hair. Our Classic Series is now made with 80% synthetic bristles and only 20% natural bristles. Our latest collections, including the Pro-Hybrid Series and One Series, are even 100% synthetic.

What are synthetic brush filaments?

Filament is simply a synonym for fibre. All our brush series are made with a different filament.

What kind of wood are the handles made of?

FSC certified beechwood is used for the handle on each Staalmeester® brush. This wood comes from a sustainably managed forest.

What does your packaging material consist of?

The cardboard packaging used for our products is made from recycled FSC paper and printed with eco-friendly ink. Boxes for transporting our products are also made of recycled material. These are always reused or recycled.

Where are your products made?

Staalmeester® products have been fully produced in Europe for generations. With this conscious choice, we minimise CO₂ emissions for transport and can guarantee high quality our products.

How are your brushes produced?

Many Staalmeester® brushes are completely handmade. The brushes, which are partly handmade, are produced in a European factory that runs entirely on its own solar panel installation. This way, we try to produce as Carbon-neutral as possible.

Use & Care Instructions

What should I do before using a Staalmeester® brush?

We recommend washing out both Staalmeester® brushes and rollers before use. This way you can be sure that no dirt or stray loose hair ends up in your painting. Because despite our pursuit of 100% lint-free rollers and brushes that do not let go of a single hair, loose material residues from production can always remain on the product.

How can I best use my Staalmeester® brush?

Your professional premium quality brush comes out best with a good painting technique. How you use your brush ideally varies for each model, job and type of paint. You can find out all about it on the Masterful Tips page.

How can I best clean my Staalmeester® brush?

After painting with water-based paint, clean your brush immediately with soap and water. After using the brush with turpentine-based paint, oil or wax, we recommend cleaning your brush with some turpentine, thinner or an environmentally-friendly cleaner. For detailed information on maintenance, check out our Masterful tips.

How can I best store my Staalmeester® brush?

Always store your quality brush on its side laid down, preferably in foil or airtight in a brush jar. Never place the brush with the bristles faced down. Due to the weight, the brush will bend and the tips will get damaged, causing them to lose their shape, absorbency and elasticity. On the Masterful tips page, you can read all about storing professional brushes correctly.


What is a round brush?

A round brush is used as a basic brush in many European countries and is the most popular brush in The Netherlands for painting smaller surfaces.

What is a pointed sash brush?

A pointed sash brush is a round brush with a pointed tip, which you can use to paint small to medium-sized surfaces as well as corners and edges. In the painting profession, trimming means drawing clean lines with the paint or varnish.

What is a bended fitch brush?

A bended fitch brush is a corner brush, intended for precision work in harder-to-reach corners.

What is a wide flat brush?

A spalter brush is a flat, long, thin brush with a short handle, for painting (kitchen) cabinets, finishing paintwork or finishing decorations by hand.

What is an oval brush?

An oval brush allows you to work more accurately and apply volume to large surfaces, simply by turning the brush.

What is a façade brush?

A facade brush is a thicker brush with a curved head, which allows you to paint hard-to-reach corners and edges

What is a radiator brush?

A radiator brush is a thin brush with a longer handle and a curved head, which allows you to paint hard-to-reach areas. For example, around the radiator!

What is a block brush?

A block brush is more commonly known as a wall brush. It’s a large, robust brush with a lot of volume. This allows you to paint large surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Thanks to the brush bristles, the paint gets into the pores better than with a roller.

What collections does Staalmeester® have?

Staalmeester® has four brush collections and a collection of high-quality paint rollers and brackets. The Classic Series consists of strong and resilient brushes with natural and synthetic black & white bristles. The Original Series has been specially developed for all types of water-based paints and contains the Staalmeester® polyester mix: a combination of white natural Chungking hog bristles and synthetic bristles. The brushes in the Pro-Hybrid Series have 100% synthetic bristles and are suitable for both synthetic and water-based paints. The same applies to the One Series: our absolute high-end range. This collection contains unique finishing brushes and artist brushes with an extremely soft fibre mix.

What makes the One Series so special?

In addition to classic models, One by Staalmeester® is the only collection to include a special selection of finishing brushes and artist brushes. The unique, ultra-soft bristles have a high elasticity and perfect absorption factor. With these innovative, handmade brushes, experienced and novice painters can create a glassy-smooth end result with no brush marks. The brushes can be used for all types of paint and retain their shape and softness with good maintenance, even after years of intensive use. Feel, and you know this is The One!

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