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Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
KvK Chamber of Commerce number: 24213078
VAT number: NL810899425B.01

Premium Artisan Brushes

Staalmeester® has been developing premium painting products of the highest quality for contemporary Dutch masters since 1948.


Staalmeester® is a passionate family-run business that develops handmade, innovative painting products of artisan quality. Service and attention are central to us. Because we are passionate about our craft! With sustainable quality brushes, we combine the passion we have for our profession, with our dedication for making the world better for the next generation of Staalmeesters. Since 1948, we have been helping painters worldwide realise their creative potential.

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One by Staalmeester

The must-have brushes for contemporary Dutch masters

Passionate painters, beware! The One Series is our absolute high-end range. Choose from a selection of innovative, handmade brushes of the very best quality. Thanks to the 100% synthetic fibre mix, these long-lasting brushes are suitable for all types of paints and varnishes. In addition to classic models, One by Staalmeester® is the only collection to include a special selection of finishing brushes and fitch brushes. The ultra-soft bristles have a high elasticity and perfect absorption content. This is how experienced and novice painters can create a glassy-smooth and brush mark free masterpiece with One by Staalmeester®.

All about One by Staalmeester®

Brushes and painting products from Staalmeester®

Through craftsmanship and dedication, Staalmeester® makes the best brushes and painting products for professional and home decor painters. Quality, creativity and sustainability are paramount. Staalmeester® products guarantee the ultimate, brush mark free result. Without fail. Our quality brushes allow you to create a finished product to be proud of.

Brushes in all shapes and sizes, made from the best materials
Staalmeester® has brushes of all types, shapes and sizes available. For every surface and for every job. We offer round brushes, trim brushes, curved brushes, flat brushes, oval brushes, façade brushes, radiator brushes and wall brushes, to name a few examples. The premium artisan products manufactured by Staalmeester® are handmade from the best materials. These professional brushes have been specially developed for the most common types of paint. In the wide range Staalmeester® has on offer, you will find brushes for traditional solvent-based or synthetic paints. In addition, we have different types of brushes with a mix of polyester and natural bristles, developed for water-based paints. Staalmeester® developed the Pro-Hybrid Series especially for water-based as well as synthetic paints. This collection consists of all-round brushes, with 100% synthetic bristles. All our brushes are handmade in Europe.

The right products for every job
Whether you are doing pinpoint precision work or working on large surfaces: there is always a Staalmeester® product fit for the job at hand. For example, you can use a round brush with polyester mix bristles or a trim brush for a streak-free result on small surfaces or profiles. Even on a difficult surface, our painting products guarantee an excellent end result. In addition to handmade quality brushes, Staalmeester® offers microfelt paint rollers, paint roller frames, scrapers and stripping knives. Staalmeester® also has useful products for surfaces that are difficult to paint, like household heating units (radiators). It’s just been made a lot easier for you with our radiator brushes. You can easily paint larger surfaces with our wall brushes or paint rollers.

At Staalmeester® you will find traditional painting products for the professional and for Dutch masters at home. Do you paint for a living? Or are you passionate about painting furniture and walls? Whether for water-based, solvent-based or oil-based paintwork, Staalmeester® products help you achieve brush mark free results and maximum coverage. So you can paint, varnish, refurbish, or get started with the roller without any worries.

Staalmeester ® Series
Staalmeester® develops various collections. Through strong craftsmanship and dedication to the painter’s craft, we continue to innovate and create. We work intensively with professional painters and carefully listen to their wishes. For example, Staalmeester® was the first to introduce brushes for the new generation of solvent-based (Low VOC) paints. In addition, our Pro-Hybrid Series has been specially developed for both water-based and synthetic paints. These brushes feature our new, 100% synthetic fibre. Because this collection can handle both types of paints, the Pro-Hybrid Series is a fantastic alternative to traditional natural bristle brushes. Other collections include brushes with partly Chinese hog hair bristles or the Staalmeester® polyester mix. The latest addition to the Staalmeester® family is the One by Staalmeester® collection. With unique brushes that are highly suitable for finishing layers, this represents our high-end range. The optimal paint absorption and release on all our painting products ensure an excellent end result and a smile on the face of every painter.

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