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Company information

Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
KvK Chamber of Commerce number: 24213078
VAT number: NL810899425B.01

Together we create a green world Sustainability

Staalmeester® is committed to sustainable quality. Together with professional painters, we develop innovative products that last for many years, with the right care and attention. For us, innovation and quality go hand in hand with sustainability. Because real quality adds something valuable to this world and does not detract from it. That’s why we look for creative solutions that make a positive impact. For the next generation of Staalmeesters.

Sustainable choices


At Staalmeester®, we believe that a great masterpiece should also be great for the environment. We are therefore phasing out the use of animal hair in any of our products. Currently, our Classic Series is made with 80% synthetic bristles (and 20% hog bristles) and other series are already made with 100% synthetic bristles. Besides that, FSC wood is used for the handles.

The cardboard packaging used for our products is made from recycled FSC paper and printed with eco-friendly ink. Boxes used for transporting our products are also made from recycled material. These are always reused or recycled.


All Staalmeester® products are produced in Europe. With this conscious choice, we minimise CO₂ emissions on transport. Many brushes are also completely handmade, for example those in the One Series. The other brushes and our paint rollers are partly made by hand and partly in a factory, which runs entirely on its own solar panel installation.

In the production process, we also work on sustainable relationships. All our production partners are family businesses that Staalmeester® has been working with for generations.

Green energy

Our Dutch head office runs on self-powered energy almost all year round, thanks to our solar panels. Sometimes Dutch wind energy is supplied in the winter. We are also investing in electric vehicles and charging stations. Our goal? By 2025, all company cars will be electric.

Social impact

Socially created

The bended fitch brushes in the Pro-Hybrid, Classic and Original series are handmade in a sheltered workshop. This workshop offers people with difficulties or exemptions in the employment market the opportunity to get started with suitable work. This production team is an important link in the realisation of the Staalmeester® brushes and quality.

Support to charities

Staalmeester® sponsors various sports clubs and charities. For example, we support a Dutch group of friends who cycle together to raise money for cancer organisations, including the KWF. In addition, we support the Embrace Life Foundation. Together with Erasmus MC, this foundation investigates the curative effect of cannabis medicines and conducts research into rare forms of cancer. In our circle of friends and family, we have seen the fight against cancer up close and experienced what it is like when a family member passes away far too early. That is why we think it is important to support research focused on curing diseases.


FSC Certificate

We guarantee the use of FSC-certified wood for the handles of Staalmeester® brushes. This wood comes from a sustainably managed forest.

Certification ISO 14001 and EMAS

The factory where the One Series is produced works as environmentally friendly as possible. Their ISO 14001 and EMAS certification shows that they continuously improve and make their processes more sustainable with a targeted approach.

Do you want to contribute
to sustainable creations?

Always treat your Staalmeester® products with care and attention. By maintaining your brushes properly, they will last for years! Good for you and for the environment.

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