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Company information

Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
KvK Chamber of Commerce number: 24213078
VAT number: NL810899425B.01

About our family The Staalmeesters

Staalmeester® has been developing premium quality painting products of the highest quality for contemporary Dutch masters since 1948.

Who are the Staalmeesters?

Staalmeester® is a real family business! The third and fourth generations of the De Hoop family work together with other passionate professionals to provide the best quality and service for painters worldwide.

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Why the name Staalmeester®?

The brand name Staalmeester® is derived from the painting De Staalmeesters by Rembrandt van Rijn. This painting is also known as The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild (Dutch: De Waardijns van het Amsterdamse lakenbereidersgilde). Waardijns were guardians, who used samples (Dutch: stalen – small pieces of fabric) to assess the colour and quality of the cloth. Today, Staalmeester® represents the same attention to detail and quality. We assess, innovate and develop painting products for contemporary Dutch masters.

Quality, service and impact

Staalmeester® brushes have been handmade with the same attention and passion for 75 years. We carefully select our materials, assess the production process and make no concessions when it comes to quality. Never. Furthermore, we are always happy to go the extra mile for our customers. With friendly service with a familiar face and good access, we invest in long-term relationships with our customers. For us, service does not stop with the delivery of a good product. That’s where our relationship starts! It is precisely when you use our brushes that we want to inspire you and help you create a masterpiece. Finally, we like to take good care of the world around us. That’s why our products can last a lifetime when used and maintained properly. Good for you and the environment. We work with sustainable materials and also like to make a social impact. Curious about what Staalmeester® does in the field of CSR?

How Staalmeester® oversees sustainable business

Our Journey

The life of the De Hoop family has been intertwined with Staalmeester® brushes since 1948. But our story and our love for the painting industry started before that.


Adrianus Cornelis de Hoop (nickname: Janus) travels as a sailor on board a ship to New York to visit family. He misses his ship for the return journey and decides to apply for a job with Reichard-Coulston Inc. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, under his American name, Harry Hope, to earn money for his return trip. This company produces dry dyes for the painting industry. This is where Janus’ love for the craft is born.


Back in Holland, Janus learns the brush making trade at N.V. Van der Burg & Muls.


Janus gets acquainted with the Staalmeester® brushes for the first time at K.B. Kwasten and sells his first ever brush.


After a number of years as the main representative at Van Vliet, Janus starts his own painting and decorating supplies shop in Vlaardingen and includes the Staalmeester® brushes in his range. A.C. De Hoop painting tools is born!


After the unexpected death of Adrianus Cornelis de Hoop (Janus), his eldest son Aad takes over the company. With the help of his wife Marijke and his younger brother Hans, the local painters wholesaler grows into a regional success.


Peter de Hoop, the eldest son of Aad and Marijke, starts as the third generation at A.C. de Hoop.


Peter's brother Arjen (Adrianus) de Hoop is also welcomed into the family business with open arms.


Peter & Arjen take over the daily operations from their father and become co-owners of A.C. De Hoop.


Peter and Arjen decide to revive the Staalmeester® brand. They are developing a new generation of brushes, suitable for all types of water-based paints: the Original Series. The purple bristles from the Original Series are unique at the time. The Staalmeester® brushes immediately stand out among all other brands! In the same year, Staalmeester® re-introduces the Classic Series. These white and black bristle brushes contain strong Chinese hog hair bristles and are suitable for synthetic paints, wax, oil and milk paint.


Staalmeester® launches the Pro-Hybrid Series. This led to the development of the first 100% synthetic brush, which is ideal for both water-based and synthetic paints. The One by Staalmeester® Series is also introduced in this year! The ultimate collection for a glassy-smooth result, with unique finishing brushes and fitch brushes.


The fourth generation joins the family business. Arjen's daughter Lisanne Marijke de Hoop and son Thomas de Hoop focus on the (international) growth of the company and the sustainable development of processes and materials.


The Premium Quality Roller Series sees Staalmeester® introduce products other than brushes for the first time. The Staalmeester® range is expanded with premium quality microfelt paint rollers and accessories, such as paint roller frames.


Professional and home-deco painters worldwide use Staalmeester® products for their masterpiece. The De Hoop family continues to develop and sell innovative and sustainable painting products with care and attention.

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