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Interview: Jonathan Graham

Jonathan Graham, better known as @jgdecorator on Instagram, introduces the world to the painting profession through beautiful videos. In this interview he tells everything about his profession and special projects.

Can you tell us something about yourself? How did you become a painter?
”Years ago, I came into contact with the painting profession through a family friend. After that I followed some training courses but eventually decided that I wanted to start my own painting business. I noticed pretty quickly that the painting profession suited my personality very well. I have been working for myself for over 10 years now and I mainly focus on renovation projects of classic buildings from the Victorian era. Some projects I work on are up to 300 or 400 years old!!”

If you had to choose 1 project from all your years as a painter that you’re most proud of or that stayed with you the most, what would that be and why?
”At first I immediately thought of all the beautiful classic homes I have renovated but if I’m honest, I’m most proud of painting my daughter’s bedroom. There is a story behind every project and when you have an emotional connection to a project it makes it extra special.”

For how long have you been using Staalmeester and how did you get to know our brand?
”I bought my first Staalmeester brushes years ago at Crown Paints. I bought a Pro-Hybrid box set there and was immediately impressed with how soft the Staalmeester brushes were compared to any other brush I had ever used. In addition, the Staalmeester brushes did not leave any brush marks, unlike much stiffer brushes from other brands. Later I also found out about the One by Staalmeester series after which I was completely sold. Until today I have not been able to find a brush with which you can paint as beautifully as with a One series brush. And believe me, I am not just saying this because I am talking to you, haha.”

What is your favourite Staalmeester brush and why?
‘In terms of brushes, that’s obviously the One series but I’m also hugely impressed with the Staalmeester scrapers. The scrapers are made of heavy and sturdy metal, I love them!”

Usually British painters mostly use a flat brush, you as well?
”British painters indeed mostly use a flat brush but I actually use all kinds of different brushes. I look purely at the type of project and which brush I like to use that day.”

How do you clean your brushes?
”I always wash my brushes immediately after use with hot soapy water. Then I hang them up to dry. I am very meticulous about this. That’s the great thing about buying expensive brushes! A £5 brush I might throw away immediately after a project but for a One series brush you really take the time to maintain it properly. Much more durable!”

If you were part of our R&D team for one day, what adjustments would you make to an existing Staalmeester product or what product would you add to our collection?
”If I were part of your R&D team I would modify 1 product and develop 1 new product. I would modify the One series Decorating Spalter by making the handle even shorter than it already is. I would purely use the head of the brush actually. That would make the brush even easier to paint with. I would also develop a bended fitch brush with a flexible head. With a flexible head, it’s much easier to get into the smallest corners of a Victorian window.”

What would be your ultimate painting tip for a painter that’s just getting started?
”As I mentioned earlier, I feel an emotional connection to painting. Therefore, I would like to advise all painters to do their work with passion. Take your time and be diligent in your preparation of a project. I also advise to always focus on the details! For more tips, painters can also check out my Instagram. I create Instagram stories in which I tell about my love for painting and painting tools to hopefully inspire people to choose the painting profession. Even if it’s just 1 person.”

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