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Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
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Pro-Hybrid Series

Unique brushes for all types of paint and a streak-free masterpiece.

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    All about the Staalmeester® Pro-Hybrid series

    The Pro-Hybrid Series is a collection of all-round brushes specially developed for use with both water-based and synthetic paints. The brushes are made of our 100% synthetic Staalmeester® fibre. In addition to good paint absorption and release, these brush bristles also offer the right balance and resistance, so that painting with all types of paint becomes a piece of cake.

    All brushes in the Pro-Hybrid Series are equipped with the new 100% synthetic fibre. This fibre mix has the characteristic purple Staalmeester® colour and contains no natural bristles, unlike our Original and Classic brushes. The handle is made of FSC beechwood. This means that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest. Great quality for you and good for the environment. The bristles are very firmly secured in a stainless steel INOX ferrule, with an extra-glued twisted-rope band. This means you don’t have to fish out loose hairs from your newly painted masterpiece. During the development of this collection, the brushes were tested by professional painters from the Netherlands and abroad. They all confirm that the 100% synthetic brush bristles are extremely suitable for processing all types of lacquer and the materials are of high quality.

    Products in the Pro-Hybrid Series
    The Pro-Hybrid Series includes a patent point brush, round brush, oval brush, radiator brush, bended fitch brush and two flat brushes. As mentioned above, these all-round premium quality brushes are extremely suitable for processing water-based, as well as the new generation VOC paints (synthetic paints or oil-based paints). The most commonly used brush in the Netherlands is the round brush. This round brush is ideal for painting woodwork, such as furniture, doors or bars. The round brush is often used in combination with a corner brush. This allows you to draw fine lines with the greatest of ease in places that are more difficult to reach. Extra special: the bended fitch brushes in the Pro-Hybrid Series are handmade in a social workshop. For trimming window frames and skirting boards or painting details, our pointed sash brush is the best choice. Thanks to the high absorbency on the bristles used for this pointed sash brush, you will enjoy a sleek and streak-free end result. The absolute favourite among home decor painters and furniture flippers is the oval brush. The oval shape allows you to paint wide strips and narrow strips with the same brush. Medium-sized surfaces are best painted with a flat brush. Want to paint a hard-to-reach spot? Then choose a radiator brush or the bended fitch brush. With their curved head and bristles that guarantee ultimate paint absorption and release, you can easily provide any heater or corner with paint, without dripping.

    Enjoy professional premium quality for years
    Together with passionate professional painters, Staalmeester® develops quality products that guarantee a long-lasting result. This way you can continue to enjoy your creations and your brushes. With the right attention and care, our brushes will last for years! Whether you are a professional painter or painting the furniture at home: with Staalmeester® you create masterpiece after masterpiece. The products in the Pro-Hybrid Series can be used for all types of paints and retain their unique shape, flexibility, and softness with good maintenance even after years of intensive use. Curious about how you can best maintain your handmade brushes? Then take a look at our Masterful tips.

    More about Staalmeester® and our products
    At Staalmeester®, sustainable quality is the highest attainable goal. That is why all our brushes are handmade with the utmost precision and attention. After each step in the production process, a check is done and we never make any concessions on quality. Ever. Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY/Home-deco painter, Staalmeester® offers the right brush for every job. In addition to professional brushes and painting products, we offer family-oriented service. As a 4th generation family business we are passionate about building long-term relationships with our partners and painters worldwide.

    Did you know that Staalmeester® is a proud Dutch family-run business? We have been developing premium artisan quality products with care for generations. Through strong craftsmanship and dedication to the painter’s craft, we continue to innovate and create. As mentioned, sustainability is paramount to us. All our brushes are handmade in Europe. Our products are also delivered in sustainable packaging. These are made from recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly ink.

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