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Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
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    All about oval brushes

    The oval brush, also known as the oval-shaped universal paintbrush, is a favourite among furniture flippers. Thanks to the shape, you can paint both wide strips and narrow strips with the same brush, simply by turning the brush. Furthermore, with a Staalmeester® brush you are always sure of the best quality and a brush mark free result.

    Oval brushes from Staalmeester®
    The Staalmeester® range contains two oval brushes, which are available in different sizes. Although all our brushes are of premium, professional quality, the materials used for the bristles and the ferrule vary for each collection. The oval brush from the Original Series is recognisable by the characteristic purple hairs in combination with the orange string and is suitable for water-based paint. The Pro-Hybrid Series contains an oval brush with 100% synthetic fibre, stainless steel ferrule, extra-glued green string and beechwood handle. This all-round premium quality brush is ideal for processing both water-based and synthetic (oil-based) paints. The smooth fibre mix also ensures good paint absorption and release and the right resistance. With both oval brushes, the bristles are set in the ring for optimal results in cutting and precision work, for example when painting frames.

    Use by professionals & home decor painters
    Whether you are a beginner or experienced painter and no matter what type of paint you use: at Staalmeester® you will find the perfect oval brush for the job. The oval shape allows you to work more accurately on small surfaces and apply more volume to larger surfaces. That is why an oval brush is ideal for refurbishing furniture, but also particularly suitable for painting and lacquering profiles, frames and small surfaces, such as window frames. Furthermore, all our brushes are of artisan quality and are made with the utmost dedication. You’ll notice this as soon as you get started! The soft bristles on Staalmeester® brushes provide optimal balance in suppleness and resistance as well as in paint absorption and release capacity. That means: no dripping! Furthermore, you do not have to fish out loose bristles from the paint with a Staalmeester® brush, because the bristles are extra firmly fixed in the metal ferrule. The handle made of FSC wood fits nicely in the hand and the balanced weight distribution ensures optimal user comfort. In this Staalmeester® range you will find oval brushes that are suitable for acrylic paints, alkyd paints and wall paints, among others. Finally, an oval brush saves you time, because you can apply paint to different surfaces using the same brush. With the professional brushes from Staalmeester®, you can create a masterpiece with the greatest of ease.

    More about Staalmeester® and our products
    At Staalmeester®, sustainable quality is the highest attainable goal. That is why all our brushes are handmade with the utmost precision and attention. After each step in the production process, checks are carried out and we never make any concessions on quality. Ever. Whether you’re a professional painter or a home-deco painter, Staalmeester® offers the right brush for every job. In addition to professional brushes and painting products, we offer friendly, family-oriented service. We are passionate about building long-term relationships with our partners and painters worldwide.

    Did you know that Staalmeester® is a proud Dutch family-run business? We have been developing artisan quality products with care for generations. Through deeply-rooted craftsmanship and dedication to the painter’s craft, we continue to innovate and create. As mentioned, sustainability is of paramount importance to us. All our brushes are handmade in Europe. Our products are also delivered in sustainable packaging, made from recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly ink.

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