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Staalmeester® is family of A.C. De Hoop B.V.
KvK Chamber of Commerce number: 24213078
VAT number: NL810899425B.01

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    All about paint kettles and insert containers

    Kettles and containers are the perfect equipment for dosing, diluting or mixing paint and varnish. And with the paint kettles and insert containers from Staalmeester®, you can be sure of the best quality! The large opening on this lightweight container and the accessories make it possible to work even faster and more efficiently.

    Kettles and containers from Staalmeester®
    The Staalmeester® range includes its own paint kettle and insert container with sealing lid. Paint kettles are also referred to as tins or buckets. Insert containers are also known as insert pots or mixing containers. The kettles and containers from Staalmeester® are suitable for 2.5 litres of paint. Our kettles are also very light and have a larger opening than regular paint tins, so you can also use them in combination with a small paint roller. This reduces the risk of spillage. The Staalmeester® kettles can be used perfectly together with the insert containers. These products are literally made for each other. The correct lids are available separately. However, with the Staalmeester® Kettle Set you get the complete package! That set consists of 1 paint kettle, 4 insert containers and a lid.

    Use by professionals & DIY home decor painters
    Painters use kettles and insert containers to dilute or mix paint. In particular, oil paint and alkyd paint can be too thick to use immediately. By diluting the paint with a solvent, it is then easy to use and you are more likely to get a smooth end result. Paint kettles are specially designed to keep paint or varnish at a constant temperature. Insert containers are used to mix colours in the paint kettle or to manage the dosing. You can also use the paint kettle several times by using an insert container. Pouring the paint into a paint kettle has the additional advantage that you only pour the required amount from the original paint tin. This way, the other paint is well preserved. Still too much paint in the paint kettle or the insert container? By placing a lid on the container with the remaining paint, you can store this paint for some time. This saves time and money on the next painting job. Finally, it’s always important to clean and maintain your painting products properly. This way, you can enjoy a professional end result time and time again.

    More about Staalmeester® and our products
    At Staalmeester®, sustainable quality is the highest attainable goal. That is why all our brushes are handmade with the utmost precision and attention. After each step in the production process, checks are carried out and we never make any concessions on quality. Ever. Whether you’re a professional painter or a home-deco painter, Staalmeester® offers the right brush for every job. In addition to professional brushes and painting products, we offer friendly, family-oriented service. We are passionate about building long-term relationships with our partners and painters worldwide.

    Did you know that Staalmeester® is a proud Dutch family-run business? We have been developing artisan quality products with care for generations. Through deeply-rooted craftsmanship and dedication to the painter’s craft, we continue to innovate and create. As mentioned, sustainability is of paramount importance to us. All our brushes are handmade in Europe. Our products are also delivered in sustainable packaging, made from recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly ink.

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